Why Gudang Shipping ?

In Gudang Shipping, we provide the best price to move your goods to reach global destination, by air freight, sea freight or road transportation.

We facilitate your shipment, from pickup, packing and warehouse stages, documentation and custom procedures, to the final destination.

Our personalized services are unique and tailored to your needs to ensure smooth shipment.

Cargo handling is expensive. Yet, It doesn't means that you need to have a "burning money" mindset in order to move your cargo from country to country or simply "parking" your cargo. I saw many Importers / Exporter spending unnecessarily logistics expenses, resulting in 20-30 percent increase in product costs.

Cost of FCL may be cheaper than LCL but it involves additional expenses, which you will have to get the container picked up, delivered, and returned empty container to the deport within the free time to avoid any detention charges.

LCL costs more than FCL per unit of freight, but it does reduce your overall cost like storage and inventory. LCL shipments improved flexibility and allows you to adjust for business needs. There is a break-even point at which the price of a large LCL load equals the price of full container load. I will be advising you whether to ship FCL or LCL after that.


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