Freight Forwarder Singapore

Helping Businesses to Cross border,
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Freight forwarder Singapore

Freight Forwarder Singapore

As one of the best freight forwarding company in Singapore, we offer comprehensive range of freight forwarding services to importers and exporters to ship globally.

Facilitating your shipment, from warehouse stages, documentation and custom procedures to the final destination, CostEfficiently.

Export from
Singapore to Batam

Using Sea Freight, Air freight and Trucking to move your product effectively and efficiently.

Our powerful network of logistics provider enable you to sell your products all around Asia, making it even easier for your customer to buy.

Shipping from Singapore to

Why companies choose us ?

Custom Clearance

Sea / Air Clearance


Certified by Singapore customs

LCL shipping

Competitive LCL freight rate

Cargo Insurance

Ship with Confident

Sell more and grow your business globally

Alibaba 1688 Taobao Shipping

Supporting you each step of the way

Our China warehouse enable you to receive your goods from multiple sellers, combine, ship and deliver to your doorstep without restriction, even if the seller does not have export license.


Start shopping the new way

Buy directly from top merchant and delivered straight to your doorstep. Protecting you from warehouse to delivery.

Even more reason to choose us

China to 6 countries

Ship from China to your customer’s country

China warehouse

Received, combine and ship improve efficiency


Ship with confident with 24 hour online tracking

Doorstep delivery

Send directly to your doorstep securely

Let’s combine and ship 😉

About Us

In Gudang Shipping Pte Ltd, We facilitate your shipment, from warehouse stages, documentation and custom procedures, to the final destination. Providing you with a dependable service that can ensure your product availability at the most effective and efficient way. As an International freight forwarder specialized in LCL, FCL and Trucking with strong distribution network around Asia, offering comprehensive range of freight forwarding services to both importers and exporters to ship their product worldwide.

*All transactions are undertaken in agreement by all parties in accordance with our General Trading Condition.