5 Things to know before shipping from Singapore to Indonesia

The Indonesia–Singapore border is a maritime boundary in the Straits of Singapore between Indonesia’s Riau Islands and the islands of Singapore. The Straits of Singapore is one of the region’s busiest waterways. However, both sea freight and air freight are the 2 shipping modes, enable you to deliver your goods from Singapore to Indonesia. Let’s talk about shipping costs, transit time and shipping procedures below.

One of the barriers of exporting goods out of Singapore is that it requires proper export permit. Likewise, the Importer must produce Indonesian Tax ID Number and API License when importing into Indonesia.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional supply chain manager to ship your goods into Indonesia. As a freight forwarder in Singapore, we will walk you through the 5 things to know before you ship from Singapore to Indonesia in this shipping guide.

1. Two popular shipping modes available ship to Indonesia

Air freight Jakarta

Air freight

Air freight could be more expensive, but for smaller shipments, however, air freight can be cheaper. Moreover, Air freight have the fastest lead time compare to other shipping mode.

Suitable for time sensitive commercials goods like machinery spare parts and materials

Volumetric weight formula:
Volumetric weight = Length x Width x Height (cm) / 5000

Airline calculate volumetric weight on every shipment, and compare that to its actual weight, and use the greater of the two to determine shipping cost.

Sea freight Indonesia

Sea freight

Sea freight is less costly than air freight, but longer transit time compare to Air freight.

Suitable for heavy and bulky commercials goods like machinery and materials.

LCL – Less than container load
LCL lets you ship in smaller volumes so that you can keep your inventory lean.

FCL – Full container load
FCL is ideal for larger shipments, a Full Container Load is the cheapest in terms of unit per cost. 20’GP and 40’HQ available

2. How long it take to ship from Singapore to Indonesia?

Transit Time (Days)
Air Freight3 – 4 days
Sea Freight2 – 7 days
Transit Time

For Air freight, the transit time is about 3 – 4 days. 
For Sea freight, the transit time is about 2 – 7 days. 

Depending on the final destination or remote area transit time may take longer.

3. What is the shipping cost from Singapore to Indonesia?

DirectSGD $
Air freight$12
LCL Sea freight$200
FCL Sea freight$690

Cheapest freight rate is less then container load (LCL), The charges from $200 per CBM depending on final destination, dimension and mode of transport used. Prices are door to door basis at both side.

As for Full container load (FCL) Ocean freight, price start from $690 20’GP/container and $800 40’HQ /container. Visit Pricing to get the latest spot rate.

As commercial Air freight rate, charges is $950 with minimum weight surcharge by major airline.

4. What is the shipping documents required ?

Importing into Indonesia must prepare following documents:

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading / Airway bill
  • CCP permit (Singapore)
  • Indonesian Tax ID Number (NPWP)
  • Import Identification Number (API License)
  • Customs Registration Certificate (SRP)
  • Original Power Attorney

However, certain types of goods require an additional import permit/license from Singapore or Indonesia authority in any port of Indonesia.

5. Prohibited items NOT to ship to Indonesia

Importer and Exporter are advice to check with Indonesia authority for prohibited goods

  • Second-hand clothing prohibited
  • Cosmetic product
  • Animal products
  • Any materials printed or otherwise that are anti-Muslim in nature or that promote communism
  • Books and printed materials that can disturb public order, includes unapproved books in Chinese and Indonesian language — packaging and product labels
  • Checks in all forms (blank stock, travelers cheques, payroll, cashier)
  • Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA / IMO
  • Drugs, Prescription and Non-Prescription
  • Explosive materials; firearms and ammunition; certain knives
  • Fireworks of all types
  • Foodstuffs
  • Medical / dental supplies
  • Narcotics
  • Plants and Plant Products
  • Precious Stones
  • Radar equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment

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