Certificate of Origin

Certificate of origin (CO) is an important international trade document confirming that the goods have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

Two types of COs, namely ordinary COs and preferential COs.

Ordinary CO, also known as a non-preferential CO, is a trade document that helps to identify the origin of the good.

A preferential CO, done by SG manufacturer, allows buyer to pay lower or no customs duty when you export your goods under a Free Trade Agreement or Schemes of Preferences. To check whether the goods are covered under the Free Trade Agreement or Schemes of Preferences and the preferential tariffs, you may refer to Enterprise Singapore’s Tariff Finder Tool to assist you.

These handbooks provide more information on the rules of origin for preferential COs issued under Free Trade Agreements and Schemes of Preferences:

You may use the FTA Cost Statement Calculator for a preliminary assessment of the qualifying value content and/or Change in Tariff Classification status of your manufactured good under a specific Free Trade Agreement, after you have identified the applicable origin criterion(a) for the good under the Agreement.