Shipping from
Singapore to Brunei

Logistics shipping from Singapore to Brunei. Collect from Singapore and send directly to Brunei customers.

FOB Shipment from Muara port to Singapore with professional freight forwarder import clearance into Singapore.

Shipping to Brunei

Shipping Pallet between Singapore  Brunei

shipping to muara

Powerful import clearance

Our Professional team in Brunei understand customs procedure and freight procedures to ensure smooth delivery.

No weight limit

No weight limit

Ship your pallet to Brunei without weight limit. Ocean freight based on cubic meter.

Shipping from Batam to Muara

Singapore door collection

Once your goods have been properly packed, you can arrange with forwarder for shipment collection.

Pick up drop off China

Brunei door delivery

Load into container and ship directly to Brunei door. Reliable and cost efficiency.

Ship your pallets straight to your customer doorstep without restrictions…
Making it even easier for your customer to buy.

Ikea alexandra


On demand receiving point

  1. Receiving.
  2. Tally.
  3. Pack into carton box. (for goods without boxes)
  4. Create Marking.
  5. Measurement.
  6. Create Packing List.

*min 1 Cubic meter

Customers satisfaction

Happy customers keep returning

“I can track my goods conveniently via Online tracking anytime.”

Mr Benjamin

Louis Lee



“With cargo insurance I can have a piece of mind when it comes to shipping from Singapore”.

Pak Marcus




“I’m happy with their door to door service. There is no additional surcharges .”

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Miss Irene



Shipping from Singapore to Muara

No:1 Sea freight for your business


Sea Freight

LCL – Less than container load
LCL lets you ship in smaller volumes so that you can keep your inventory lean.

Shipping from Batam to Brunei

To Brunei, Japan, Korea or USA

FCL shipping from Batam to Brunei just got a whole lot easier with Gudang Shipping Pte Ltd. With our low prices and flexible shipping option, making it easy to ship full container from Batam quickly and safely.

Muara port

Muara port

Sea freight is less costly than air freight and the vessel transit from Singapore to Brunei is 6-10 days.

Suitable for heavy and bulky commercials goods like machinery and materials.

Muara port3

Sailing schedule

2 sailing per month.
Vessel Transit time: 6-10 days

  • Muara Port

Let us help you 😉

  • Trusted in Singapore
  • Best shipping rate
  • Powerful clearance
  • Reliable

It’s as easy as 5 steps to send your pallet to Brunei

Step 1 – Help us understand your goods

Required document.

  • HS code
  • Invoice
  • Packing List (with dimension)
  • Full collection address
  • Full delivery address

to [email protected]

Step 2 – Prepare Shipping Document

We will assist customer to prepare the necessary document.

Step 3 – Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance available upon request before shipping.

Step 4 – Ship your pallets

After document in place, we will load your goods into container for export.

Step 5 – Track your goods on our website

Once order have been created, you can track your shipment at our website from origin to destination. We will proceed doorstep deliver directly.


How long does it take to ship from Singapore to Muara?

SEA Shipment from Singapore to Muara vessel transit is 6-10 days.

How much does it cost to ship from Singapore to Brunei?

The AIR freight cost from Singapore to Brunei door is $195 SGD.
The SEA freights cost from Singapore to Brunei refer to pricing.

What is the cheapest way to ship from Singapore to Muara?

The larger and bulkier items sea freight is cheapest option.
However, it may be more affordable to use air freight for items below 100kg.

What are the prohibited items import into Muara?

What is Invoice and packing list?

Invoice & packing list is the most important documents in international trade. It provides information for customs to determine duties and taxes. English should be used in Commercial invoice.

Is a legal document between the supplier and the customer that clearly describes’ the sold goods, and the amount due on the customer. The commercial invoice is one of the main documents used by customs in determining customs duties.

Is import license required import into Brunei?

Import licenses is require import into Brunei. Full documents required for import quotation. Such as a, invoice, packing list, customs permit, MSDS, product certificate etc.

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