Import into Singapore

All imported goods from overseas into Singapore are required to apply for import permits and for certain goods, import license are required.

Documents required for import into Singapore:

  • Bill of Lading / Air Waybill
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Consignee detail

Importer of record Singapore

Importer of record (IOR) is recognized by the Authority as an entity responsible to ensure all goods complies with the regulations in Singapore.

IOR also responsible to ensures that goods are probably declared, GST and taxes are paid, and filed all the necessary documents and permits.

As the importer of record also oversees the payment of GST and taxes related to the importation process, IOR must have direct contact details with the real importer to anticipate the delivery of the goods.

Why do I need Importer of record (IOR) in Singapore

If you are based out of Singapore and:

  1. Do not have a physical presence in Singapore.
  2. Goods are entering into Amazon Singapore.
  3. Selling into Singapore without setting up a distribution center.
  4. Customs GST/Duty payments.

1. Do not have physical presence in Singapore

We act on your behalf, as your declaring agent for preparation of customs clearance from both Air shipment and Sea shipment in Singapore quickly and efficiently. We respond to customs enquiries, amend permit as needed, and provide online shipment status.

2. Goods are entering into Amazon Singapore

When you expand your business to Amazon Singapore, and would like to use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you’ll need to move your inventory into Amazon Singapore warehouse.

We will act as your importer of record (IOR) to ensure your shipment is successfully imported and deposited into Amazon Singapore in a timely and secure manner.

We also have China warehouse to facilitate goods from China to Singapore.

3. Selling into Singapore without setting up a distribution center.

Whether you are selling exclusively on Shopee / Lazada / Qoo10 or supplying goods to outlet/mall in, we act as your declaring agent to import into Singapore, customs clearance and deliver directly to your customer quickly and efficiently.

4. Customs GST/Duty payments.

Customs payments can get complicated as it is a requirement from Singapore customs. Importer required to register for UEN, activate a Customs Account and furnish security for undertaking dutiable goods.

Through Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG), you will need to link your bank account with Singapore Customs for GST and taxes payment.

We handle GST taxes payments on behalf of overseas principals so you don’t have to register a company and open bank account in Singapore solely for GST and tax payment.

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It is the shipper responsibility to provide complete required documents and paying correct GST and taxes prior to shipping. It is important to note that we do not accept any shipment attempting to “slot in” items not specify in the manifest or any short payment of GST.

All information submitted to Singapore Customs must be complete, true, and accurate. Failure to comply with documentation requirements and other regulations may lead to hefty fines and non-monetary penalties on the shipper expense.

Singapore Customs Office

Importing Controlled goods

Before you ship, it is recommended for you to check if the goods you intend to import are controlled or subject to restrictions. You can check by searching the goods’ Harmonized System (HS) code or CA product code in the Singapore Customs’ database.

If your items are listed as controlled items, kindly apply for additional license from the Controlled Agencies. IOR cannot be used for importation without prior approval from those agencies.

All Foods imported into Singapore require Commercial food imports license from SFA

Below is the list of Controlling Agencies and the website. You can check your goods with respective controlling agencies.

Building & Construction Authority (BCA)
Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB)
Rice (RCU)
Rubber (RUB)
Health Sciences Authority (HSA)
Info-Communications Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Land Transport Authority (LTA)
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
Tobacco Regulation and Control (TRC)
Chemical Control and Management Department (CCMD)
National Parks Board (NParks) CITES (CIT)
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
Singapore Food Agency (SFA)
Singapore Police Force (SPF)
Singapore Controlling Agencies
Import into Singapore
Import into Singapore

What are dutiable goods in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are 4 categories of dutiable goods namely:

  • Intoxicating liquors.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Petroleum products and biodiesel blends.
  • Tobacco products. (E-cigarettes/ is prohibited in Singapore)
Changi cargo
Air Import

What are dutiable goods in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are 4 categories of dutiable goods namely: 1.Intoxicating liquors.
2.Motor vehicles.
3.Petroleum products and biodiesel blends.
4.Tobacco products. (E-cigarettes is prohibited in Singapore)

What are the prohibited goods that not allowed to import to Singapore?

Chewing gum (exclude medicinal chewing gum), Pistol or weapon, Fire Crackers, Endangered species of wildlife and its products, Military communication equipment, Voice changing equipment, Obscene articles, Seditious and treasonable materials, Chewing tobacco, Imitation tobacco products (e-cigarettes), Shisha, Smokeless cigars, Any product containing nicotine or tobacco, Snuff, Gutkha, khaini and zarda,
All kinds of controlled drugs, A comprehensive list of United Nations Security Council sanctions

Is there any GST relief import into Singapore?

Air imported with a CIF value not exceeding $400 SGD can enter Singapore free of 7% GST.

What infomation in the manifest needed to import into Singapore?

Manifest (serialised and ordered alphabetically)Parcel tracking. number/reference number, Outer package marking, Consignee name, Consignee contact number, Consignee address,
Each single item CIF value, Total CIF value of all items under each tracking number/reference number, Undertaking letter with your company letterhead, Each individual parcels must be clearly labelled with its correspondent tracking number.

LCL Shipping
Sea Import

Pallet Importation

All goods imported via Sea are subject to GST payment, whether or not the CIF value exceed $400 SGD. GST is levied at 7% of the CIF value.

In general, when shipping pallet with 10m3 or lower, it is cheaper to go with pallet. For higher volume (10m3 and above), it is recommended to go for Full container load (FCL) to occupy the entire container space even though you may not completely fill the container.

However, under certain circumstances, it may better to ship FCL even for volumes below 10m3. If you are unclear about whether you should ship FCL or pallet, send your invoice and packing list to us and we will advise accordingly.

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