Shipping from
Singapore to Phnom Penh

Freight logistics service shipping from Singapore to Cambodia for pallet LCL.

FAQ below help you to understand shipping procedure and requirement needed for import and export to ensure a seamless delivery.

Shipping from Singapore to Cambodia for pallet

Sabah sarawak shipping

Powerful import clearance

Professional team understand the import export clearance at Cambodia. You can sell directly to your customer without restriction.


No weight limit

Ship your pallet to Cambodia without weight limit. Ocean freight based on cubic meter.

Singapore collection

Singapore collection

Efficient cargo collection in Singapore and stuffing, no matter the size and nature of your goods.

FCL shipping

LCL shipping

Trucking, Singapore customs documentation. ship directly to Cambodia. Reliable and cost efficiency.

Ship your pallets straight to Cambodia without restriction.
Making it even easier for your customer to buy.

Happy customer

Happy customers keep returning

“I can track my goods conveniently via Online tracking anytime.”

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“With cargo insurance I can have a piece of mind when it comes to shipping from Singapore”.

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Sailing Schedule from Singapore to Cambodia

Phnom Penh

Vessel transit: 5 – 9 days


Air freight: 3 – 6 days

Phnom Penh international airport

We are committed to achieving service excellence to provide shipping from Singapore to Phnom Penh. With Experienced and reliable freight forwarder in Singapore – Gudang Shipping Pte Ltd

#1 Shipping mode that suits your business

cambodia shipping

Customs terms

  • Household/Personal Effects – Unable to ship
  • No Dangerous goods, No live plants/Animal
  • No Chilled product
  • No Chemicals

Sea Freight

LCL – Less than container load
LCL lets you ship in smaller volumes so that you can keep your inventory lean.

Sea freight

Sea freight is less costly than air freight and the vessel transit for Singapore to Cambodia is 5 – 9 days.

Suitable for heavy and bulky commercials goods like machinery and materials.

Air freight

Air freight could be more expensive, but for smaller shipments, below 100kg, however, air freight can be cheaper. Air freight have the fastest lead time compare to other shipping mode.

PNHPhnom Penh international airport
Sihanoukville Sea Port
Jurong Port Singapore
Phnom Penh international airport
Changi Cargo warehouse

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Frequently ask questions

  1. How much does it cost to ship from Singapore to Cambodia?

    Ocean freight form Singapore to Sihanoukville is $35/CBM
    Air freight form Singapore to Cambodia city area is $307 for 20kg

  2. How long does it take to ship from Singapore to Cambodia?

    Shipment from Singapore to Cambodia vessel transit is 5 – 9 days. Air freight duration is 3 – 6 days

  3. What license require to import into Cambodia?

    The general import licenses required. Certain type of commodities required additional import permit from authority government agency.

  4. What is HS code?

    HS code is an 8-digit code at the 8-digit level across all ASEAN member countries. For permit declarations HS codes are required.

  5. What is the taxes and duties tariff importing goods into Cambodia?

    Cambodia Import tariff rates between 0 and 35 percent. Generally, primary goods and raw materials incur a tariff rate between 7 percent to 15 percent.
    Finished products like alcohol beverage, fabric, shoe, motorcycle, cars and precious metals a tariff rate of 35 percent. Customs clearance documents are required.

  6. How much is the Value Added Tax (VAT) in Cambodia?

    Importer in Cambodia responsible to VAT payment at Cambodia. VAT levied at 10% on all imported goods into Cambodia. Certain type of goods levied additional special tax. Importer are advise to check Cambodia’s authority at

  7. Special Economic Zones

    Importer operating in SEZs can import Raw Material and Machinery without paying import duties and are exempt from VAT.

    Importers and exporters operating in SEZs require additional documentation to conduct customs clearance

  8. What are the Documents required for importation into Cambodia ?

    1. Import license
    2. Import permit
    3. Commercial Invoice
    4. Packing list
    5. HS code

    Additional documents required for certain imports such as foodstuff, chemicals, drugs, and electronic equipment.
    Assessment is conducted by Camcontrol – the Cambodian Import-Export Inspection and Fraud Repression Directorate-General.

  9. How to classify your products?

    Importer / Exporter should check with the ASEAN Harmonization System (HS) Code, which is used to classify category of products. Each specific products may require additional licenses or approval in order to import and export. Harmonization System (HS) Code is one of the factors to determine the rate of taxes and customs duties.

  10. What are the prohibited items import into Cambodia?

    Cambodia prohibits the importation of the following products: narcotics, psychotropic substances and their precursors, toxic waste and poisonous chemicals and substances, and certain pesticides. Any flammable, butane gas lighters and refills; inflammable films, non-manufactured celluloid or articles made of celluloid.

    Animals, counterfeited/faked goods, coal, drug, narcotics, dead body, including the cremated one, negotiable goods/instruments, pornographic materials, jewellery, diamond, and other precious stones, fireworks, plantation, tobacco, antiques, feather, ivory, precious metal, stone.

  11. How to ship from Singapore to Cambodia?

    1 – Send us cargo details documents to [email protected] information required HS code, commercial invoice, packing list (with dimension), full collection and delivery address.
    2 – Prepare Customs Documents. Our freight forwarding company can assist you in filling out the necessary documents and making payment for any duties or taxes imposed.
    3 – Pack and Label your goods for shipment. Packing is a crucial step in the process as proper packaging and labelling will help to ensure a smooth shipment.
    4 – Purchase Cargo Insurance. Optional cargo insurance available.
    5 – Move your goods to the warehouse. We will arrange cargo collection to move the cargo to export warehouse in Singapore.
    6 – Arrival at Thailand. The freight forwarding company will also receive all relevant documents for the shipment such as carrier bills and outstanding documentation.
    7 – Track your goods on our website. Once order have been created, you can track your shipment at our website from origin to destination. We will proceed doorstep deliver directly.

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