Indonesia Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Indonesia Prohibited Goods

It is prohibited to ship the following commodities to Indonesia.

  • All live Animals
  • All Live trees, seeds and other plants
  • All Radioactive Materials
  • All Drugs
  • All Liquid Materials
  • All Cosmetic products
  • All Pharmaceutical products
  • All explosive materials/product
  • All combustible materials
  • All tapes, video cassettes and laser disks
  • Anti-parasite products for agricultural use and similar products
  • Publications harmful to people, obscene or immoral articles
  • Works contrary to public order
  • All Weapons, Pistols, Ammunition
  • Any parts of firearms
  • Cannons/flame-throwers and parts
  • Air-guns, spring-guns, gas-operated guns
  • Animal or animal product derived from protected animal species
  • Dangerous goods
  • All used textiles including without invoice
  • Precious Stones
This picture taken on June 15, 2019 shows a man standing next to one of 65 containers full of imported plastic rubbish being inspected by the local environment office, at the Batu Ampar port in Batam. – Indonesia returned five other containers of rubbish to the United States and will not become a “dumping ground”, officials said on June 15, the latest Southeast Asian country to return imported waste. (Photo by ANDARU / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANDARU/AFP/Getty Images)

Indonesia Restrictions Goods

Department of Tourism, Post and Telecommunication
Telecommunication equipment

Badan Koordinasi Pemberantasan Rupiah Palsu ( BOTASUPAL )
Printer / Copier

State Secretariat
Motor vehicles, built-up motorcars, motorcycles

The Department of Industry and Trade and BAPEDAL
Waste, steel, copper and brass scraps

The Health and Quarantine department trade and Industry,
Tobacco / Tobacco product

The Department of Agriculture

A quarantine permit from the Ministry of Agriculture
Seeds and coffee

The Ministry of Trade
All kinds of used items – Consignee must obtain the import permit from the Ministry of Trade

SNI (Indonesian Standard Certificate)
Children toys & Furniture

Consignee company as Importer and distributor for Alcoholic Beverage
Alcoholic Beverage

POM – Pengawas Obat dan Makanan / License from POM (Indonesian local FDA)
Cosmetics products

A Health Certificate from the Food and Drug Agency (Badan POM) , License from POM (Indonesian local FDA)
Food / Nutritional supplements / Vitamins

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